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Hover Scooter is only $16,995.00!

Yes, I have been very, very, guilty of making experimental hoverboards in the past but here’s one you can buy and it’s only about 17 grand, still much cheaper than a new hybrid Prius.  If you got extra $17,000 cash sitting under your bed (which I bet you d

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Electric Skateboard goes 20MPH!


There’s been a lot of makers of electric skateboards in the

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Back To The Future Hoverboard Scene!


Remember the original hoverboard on sale for $30K on eBay?

Well, here’s a clip from the movie to remind you of the good ol’ days.

video via gizmodo

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Original Back to the Future Hoverboard on auction for $30K min!

Remember all the great hoverboard posts?  Well, check out this original, used Back-to-the-Future hoverboard on auction at eBay with minimum bid starting at $30 grand!

via neatorama

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Halloween DIYs – Pitchfork LED, Talking Halloween Basket, and spinning wireless thingee

Pitchfork LED!

Although we haven’t been doing much DIYs lately, you can check out the Pitchfork LED for ideas for this Halloween!

Here’s the really cool spinning bluetooth wirele

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Roboman Hoverboard!


Wow, I wish this was real…

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Video – Hoverbike, Hoverboard + Segway

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[gv data=”_QQM_uHBaKc”][/gv]

Here’s hoverbike, which is basically a mix of a hoverboard and segway. Actually we have been developing our own too. Well we just got our prototype started so… we will see about the next Zedomax Hoverbike… via

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DIY HACK – Hovercraft gone wild at Make!


[gv data=”_PYPSaphpwo”][/gv]

Check out these guys smashing on their new shovercrafts! Awesome DIY on how to make one too.

Get your motors running, put your safety helmet, ear protection and safety glasses on, steady your fire extinguishers and prop open your first aid kit… Now you’re ready for he ultimate in diy sports – Shovercraft! Combining all

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More cool people testing homemade hovercrafts

[gv data=”y4aFud8yutY”][/gv]

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Zedomax DIY 113 – Build a bluetooth controlled Holloween Hovercraft party light!



Okay, the other day we made a cool hovercraft, today we will add a bluetooth module and a embedded computer to make it spin

so we can take it to our friend’s next Holloween party and start groovin’

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