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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a Arduino Beer Thermostat

This project deserves an A++ for making something related with beer! As I am gulping a Budweiser 40 down my throat, I find this email in my inbox about HOWTO make a Arduino Beer Thermostat! Cool… Keep up the great work David and thanks for the tip!

I belong to a diverse group of amateurs who have a fascination for brewing our own beer. In addition to the satisfaction of brew

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Zaragoza Solar Hot Water System

Check out this Zaragoza Solar hot water system used in a desert oasis town.  They also have lots of other cool stuff like the solar heating system for pools.

The complete solar hot water system involves heat exchange between three liquids:


DIY – Make a computer controlled party light in 90 seconds!

[gv data=”ZEEOqhw4zCE”][/gv]

Today, I was thinking about how I can turn a household bulb into a party light by connecting an embedded computer for my next party in my garage.

We will use a SSR (solid state relay) relays to enable common AC household light…

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