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Craft DIY – How to Make an Hourglass with Wine Glass!

For those of you with some great craftman skilz, you might want to consider making one of these hourglasses with your wine glasses. Not only are these great for keeping time, they can be great home decor around your house.

The body of the hourglass is composed of two cheap ($1.50/ea) wine glasses I bought at the local Goodwill. They have a hole through the center of them and are epoxied together. I used two pieces of maple for the bases and four pieces of oak dowel for the columns. The columns are screwed into the bases with brass screws. That’s it. Easy.

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HACK Project – 3D LED Hourglass!


I’d probably stick with a traditional hourglass or my nike watch but this LED project is cool.

The LEDs are arranged in a circular conical fashion, to mimic the glass parts of a traditional hourglass, giving a 3-Dimensional appearance to the electronic hourglass. The system is equipped with a Z-axis accelerometer that detects the orientation

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