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Earth DIY – HOW TO Make Hotel Magnetic Key Jewelry!

This one’s for all those ladies out there who have been traveling often, learn how to make/recycle hotel magnetic key jewelry! I know most hotels throw away millions of these plastic magnetic keys on a daily basis, here’s a great way to help the environment while making you look more beautiful.

We cut the cards into various small shapes. I then used a leather punch (because it was handy and I didn’t feel like messing with the drill) to make holes in the top of the shapes. We then

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AirBed & Breakfast Lets you Sleep Over at Someone’s House!

Here’s a great idea for beating hotel rates.  It’s a AirBed and Breakfast, meaning you get to stay at some random person’s home with your airbed.  Of course, you do take a great risk of finding a serial-killer’s home but if you are barely living it up, this might save you some good pocket change.

AirBed and Breakfast will definitely appeal to younger travelers, and conventioneers who can’t find a regular hotel room. In overbooked Denver, where 20,000 people will be descending for the D

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EcoShack is a Portable Summer Shelter!

Check out the EcoShack, a portable summer shelter designed for great air-flow and sustainability.

It’s a change from my regular old tent but it could be great for a permanent shelter for the summer on your backyard.

I must say the setup doesn’t look too pleasing to do but maybe worth it for a summer-long setup.

Designed by Ecoshack founder Stephanie Smith and inspi

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DIY – How to Turn your Hotel LAN into a Wireless Network!


John Chow shows you how to turn a hotel LAN into a wireless network so you don’t have to pay per laptop. (PLUS VOIP thingee too…)

Great stuff John!

I want to show you two items that have a proven to be indispensable when it comes time to hit the road. One device turns the hotel’s Internet into a wireless hotspot. It’s perfect for hotels that charge for wireless Internet by the laptop. Pay one fee, get everyone connected. The other device turns the hotel’s phone into a VoIP phone. It allows me to take my numbe

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