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Recommended Hot-day

Kuchofuku – Air-Conditioned Bed!

Air conditioned bed?  This is something I have invented on paper before but to see it in real life, it’s great!

The air conditioned bed could be used for sports, especially for football or basketball where players can rest their backs and aching muscles during time outs or while benched out.

Now, after wearing your air-conditioned clothes, you can come home from a hot day and sleep peacefully on your air-conditioned bed from K

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Water Catcher Umbrella, Brilliant!

Check out this water catcher umbrella concept.  From the picture it seems like you can even plant the whole thing to grow some plants.

Well, I think if they can further take their idea into using the water as stabilization for the umbrella itself or make it steam out during a hot day, that’d be somethin’.

As you can see from the design there is a dip in the centre of the canopy where the water is directed, the material is specially made from compostable polylactic acid plast

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