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Wall Socket USB Hub!

Here’s an awesome Wall Socket USB Hub that lets you practically screw your USB hub onto the wall so it stays permanent more or less.

Plug your USB device as easy as using your wall socket. Designed with an ordinary wall socket outlook with a magnetic back and hooks for steel or wooden desk. Each USB port is spread out to reduce space problems. The hub is bus-powered, and does not require an AC adaptor. Each USB connection is corresponded with the USB2.0 high speed mode. Available only from Elecom, Japan.

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Home DIY – How to Make a Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook!

here’s an awesome DIY that shows you how to make a concrete lightbulb wall hook that you can make from used lightbulbs and make your home looks even more stylish with greyed-out lightbulbs that can hold a lot of pounds.

I’ve been playing around, trying to make a concrete lightbulb. Why? Because I find the contrast of blending a new material like concrete in an everyday shape like a lightbulb to be a great design element. So while messing around with these guys, I realized this would be a great excuse to drive lag bolts into my wall for

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P-Hook Bookmarks!

Check out these really cool P-Hook bookmarks, they are easy to use and hard to lose.

I hate dogmarking books and hence always on a lookout for new and funky bookmarks. The P-Hook Bookmarks not only help you to mark a page but also work as hooks for easy access. Very nifty we must say!

via bed blog

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Ikea Hack – How to Make a Bike Rack (or Pole)

Most of us think that bike racks mostly consist of a garage hanger and you’d hang your bike on the ceiling.

But, here’s a really innovative IKEA hack that uses IKEA parts to make a Bike Rack Pole that wills stand vertically while letting you keep 2-3 bikes.

he says, “there are a lot bicycle storage/rack-systems on the market, but none of them met my expectations in function/style and price. i wanted to get 2 bikes on a wall in my apartment.

all you need to get from ikea is one

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danglony – Lightweight, retractable balcony

Okay, I know some of you need more space if you live in a small apartment. Use a Danglony, a lightweight retractable balony for relaxing over your streets.

Suspended by two steel chains fastened on rescue rope hooks high up on the window frame (alternative suspension) Cost: 5 hours work, building materials for about 500 NOK

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