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P-Hook Bookmarks!

Check out these really cool P-Hook bookmarks, they are easy to use and hard to lose.

I hate dogmarking books and hence always on a lookout for new and funky bookmarks. The P-Hook Bookmarks not only help you to mark a page but also work as hooks for easy access. Very nifty we must say!

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Bluetooth Hack – How to Make a Steampunk Bluetooth Headset!

I have never been a fan of bluetooth headsets (yet) due to the undiscovered side effects (that most consumers don’t know about) but if you must, I highly suggest reading up on how to make a Steampunk bluetooth headset.

Last halloween I dressed up in an old fashioned manor with my cell phone in a pocket keychain. The chain was too short for the phone to reach my ear. This left me with the option of un-hook the phone every time I had to use it, make a un

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Top 10 Weird Radios from Alibaba!

Check out this Head and Shoulder’s shower radio.  It’s a really a knockoff as they labeled it “Rejoice” but I am sure this will fool many of your guests who stay over at your place.

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Looplaa Shade Lamp!

Here’s a funky Looplaa shade lamp, maybe it’s edible…

It does however, look a lot like spaghetti…

Rachael O’ Neill has a great portfolio and we recommend you visiting her website. One of our absolute favourite home products by her is the Looplaa Shade which looks almost delicate yet magical. The Looplaa™ Shade is created from thirty individually handcrafted 16 mm lengths of hook & loop fastener and measures 35cm diameter x 40cm leng

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