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Blogging HOWTO – Blogging Secrets Revealed!

Well, today I’ve gotten a little more creative and finally juiced out some good secrets for any of you blogger newbies out there who want to learn the secrets of blogging, mainly bringing more web search traffic to your blog.

Anyways, check it out over at my marketing blog here.

Here’s an excerpt:

A lot of people ask me, “How do you bring in 1 million visitors to your sites per month?”

My simple and honest answer, “I blog.”

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Bill Gates Confessese “ALL Microsoft Products Are Disappointing”

Bill Gates sums up all of Microsoft’s products in one sentence yesterday,

There’s no product we’ve ever shipped…that is 100% of what I’ve wanted.

Thank you Bill for your honest answer and could you get that ugly Vista butt out of our world!

At least refund my money for the Vista I purchased and never used.

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