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MUST SEE Video – Overpowered “Drifting” Honda Go Kart!

Have you been on a go kart before? I haven’t but I do have to say just seeing this video of an overpowered, “drifting” Honda Go Kart makes my day. Enjoy~ (via autoblog)

P.S. The guy is not even wearing a helmet, please, at least protect your head when drifting on public streets for your life, not mine. 🙂

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Brain Controlled Robot From Japan!

We’ve had many previous blog posts on brain-controlled robots.  Well, here’s another one to keep your mind interested!

Japan scientists at the Honda Research Institute have unveiled the world’s first brain to machine interface. Dubbed BMI short for Brain Machine Interface this new technology system will enable people to control robots using their mind.

via hackedgadgets

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Auto DIY – How to Get CASH for your Old Car!

Here’s how you can get some cash for your old car if you qualify for the Cash for Clunkers Rebate Program.  The following cars are eligible up to $4,500 of cash if you trade in for a new vehicle that gets better mileage.

1996 Honda Passport ($1,227) 1997 Lincoln Continental ($1,179) 1998 Chevrolet Silverado ($3,378) 1995 Audi A6 ($1,261) 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser ($4,042)

via green blog

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Eco Roundup from the Green Blog at Keetsa!

Here’s a bit of an update on interesting eco-tech articles from our green blog Keetsa:

US Cellular is offering free battery swap for low battery cellphones, Honda 2010 Insight sold for just $1.24 on an auction site, and Hyundai’s new Accent will run on LPG.

Here’s a cool

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DIY AeroCivic – Honda Civic Mod does 95MPG!

I am currently building a new website, for which I will be buying a cheap civic (or some kind of import car) next year to fix it up and feature it, but here’s an awesome Civic mod that does 95MPG!

So now, for a total materials cost of $400, I’ve created a car that blows away the highway mileage of any car currently in production. I wish I could buy a car with as low drag is this one

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DIY Chinese Solar-powered Car gets 90+ Miles on a 30-hour Charge!

We’ve all heard of what some Chinese people can do such as the DIY Helicopter and DIY Submarine.  Well, here’s comes another cool innovation, a Solar Powered car that does 90+ miles on a single 30 hour charge.

Of course, if there’s sun while you drive, that’s additional miles to add.

Now, let me ask GM, Toyota, and Honda, where are your “Chine

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Tow Motorcycle

Check out the tow motorcycle:

What you’re looking at here is a Honda Goldwing motorcycle with a special attachment you’re not going to find as an option at any dealership. The Towcycle (probably not its actual name) is capable of a very impressive transformation that would make any Autobot proud. A large mechanism on the back of the bike unfolds via a series of pistons and motors to reveal a trailer that can actually be used to tow cars.

Now keep in mind the Towcycle is probably no where near as versatile as an actual t

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