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DIY Homemade Rollercoaster!

Students make a DIY homemade rollercoaster that allow the rider to fully feel the effects of gravity and g-force by strapping themselves in a suicidal-fashion.

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Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter you buy at the grocery store probably contains a lot of unnatural chemicals to make it last longer.  Well, you do have a choice, make your own homemade peanut butter!  Why not?

Here’s how to make homemade peanut butter.  I wish I’d tried this years ago as I may never buy again!

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Medicine DIY – How to Make Homemade Cough Drops!

I probably won’t ever make my own homemade cough drops but there’s a slight chance that when I am sick every drug store in town is closed.  Well, for that, I will have to bookmark this great DIY on how to make homemade cough drops.  Even better, mix with some homemade ingredients for special effects.  Haha.

Making hard candy requires sugar (or a lot of crazy chemical sugar substitutes), and flavor.   That’s about it.  So why not take some of the yummy herbal blend teas I so love and stock up for times of sickness like these, and lozenge-ify those?  A

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Baby DIY – How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes!

Annually, I know people probably spend at least a billion dollars on baby wipes as a world.  Well, here’s a great tutorial I found that shows you how to make homemade baby wipes from paper towel, baby shampoo/oil, and a empty can of folgers.

This could be a great way to save some money on those expensive baby wipes you buy every month at Costco.

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Laundry DIY – How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent!

Honestly, I haven’t done laundry for 2 years because my hard-working girlfriend has been doing it for me, we negotiate a deal where I’d blog to make a living while she helps me around the house more.  Well, for those of you penny-pinchers who need to save even more money, you can learn how to make homemade laundry detergent.

Of course, I don’t know how well this homemade laundry detergent will do with colors and how clean your laundry will be but one thing for sure, you can try it yourself and let me know.

If you learn from my mistakes your results w

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Tesla DIY – How to Make Your Own Tesla Coil!

I’ve always been fascinated with tesla coils and the amount of physically-viewable electricity jolt they can send across the thin air.   We’ve had a post before on how to make your own tesla coil but here’s another great tutorial showing you how to build one yourself, all in the safety (arr…perhaps the opposite) of your home without endangering others.

The author mentioned that all this can be conjured up for rather cheap

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Recycle DIY – How to Make Your Own Homemade Recycled Paper!

You don’t have to rely only on your local recycling company to product recycling paper, you can learn to make your own homemade recycled paper.  Plus, they can come out pretty colorful, great for your kids to draw and drool on.

handmade paper is a perfect after school project for your children…simple, a little messy & lots of fun….you can make paper out of almost anything….we made lavender & grass paper….and even cinnamon paper….here’s the 411 about making your own paper….use your imagination & enjoy….

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AC DIY – How to Make an Air Conditioner!

As someone who loathes hot weather (and part of the reason why I am living in San Francisco where the temperature is 70 degrees fahrenheit all year long), I have always been curious how to make an air conditioner.

This isn’t probably the most efficient air conditioner in the world but you could probably learn a lot about how to make an air conditioner, plus you could easily make a gigantic version to cool your hot home.


More ways to way an air conditioner:


DIY Homemade Gate Controller using Picaxe Microcontroller!


Here’s a fun little DIY homemade gate controller for all you DIYers!

here are the gates i put in when we had are first child so she would not run out on the road i had this idea i would put motors on them this was not as easy as i thought i started with a 12v window motor with a rightangle drive but you can not drive the motor backwards so i could open the gates with out power you need to put a clutch in line

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Update

Things have been going crazy over Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think their guerilla marketing strategy did work!

Check out these interesting links for the Aqua week: