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Servo DIY – How to Make a Servo Plotter!

For those of you circuit hackers and servo-addicts, you might be happy to learn that there’s a way to make your own servo plotter.

For this project, we wanted to build a lower cost, lower precision XY table for an installation at TeleToyland. The goal is to allow web users to draw shapes in a sand box, so we wanted a simple XY table that is easy to control from a web application. Since we already have the Web to Hobby Servo connection working well for other installations, using a hobby servo was the de

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DIY Homebrewed Wii App – Wii Physics!


This homebrewed Wii App called Wii Physics is similar to Microsoft’s Physics Illustrator and will let you test out your ideas before applying them in real life.

Wii Physics is a clever little homebrew app. You use the Wiimote to rotate, size and place objects on a stage. Pulleys, ropes, gears and joints can be used to connect objects together, and when you press the play button, a 2D physics system is turned on, causing the objects to fall and interact with each other.

You can download

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DIY Wii HACK – How to use your Wii as a DVD Player!

We know it’s a pain in the ass to buy a separate DVD player, especially if you have just bought a Wii.  Here’s  a great Wii hack showing you how to use your Nintendo Wii as a DVD player!

For some reson Nintendo decided not to include the dvd play-back function into the wii.

But it is now possible thanks to some amazing work by Team Twiizers

You Will Need:

A Wii (Duh!) A Sd Card A Way For You Wii To run Homebrew

via instructables

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Kaizo Mario – Homebrew Level for Super Mario World


Here’s a cool homebrewed level for Super Mario World.  Of course, you can play the Kaizo Mario on your computer or make your own levels like in this video.

Kaizo Mario is a homebrew level for Super Mario World that’s equal parts evil and genius. My tolerance for frustration isn’t nearly high enough to be able to handle this, but for those of you looking for a gaming challenge, there’s a link to the ROM below.

You can make your own custom levels for Super Mario World with a graphical level editor called

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DIY – How to Build a Hard Disk Green Laser Projector!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to build a hard disk laser scanner made from bunch of old hard disks.

My latest tinkery hardware and embedded systems project is a homebrew laser scanner. You know, the kind you see at planetariums- sweep a laser beam around on the wall really fast, and draw vector graphics. Commercial laser scanners have been around for decades now, but buying a complete system is still really pricy, even on eBay. Besides, w

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DIY HACK – How to Make a Wii Whiteboard!


This is exactly what I need instead of my whiteboard and pens that wear out.

This is a port of Johnny Chung Lee’s Whiteboard app for the actual Wii. Kudos & thanks to Johnny Lee, Team Twiizers, svpe, shagku and para.

To use this application, you need the following:

* A Wii with some method to run homebrew on it, e.g. the Twilight Hack * Two Wiimotes. Wiimote 1 is for interaction, Wiimote 2 should be positioned somewhere where it can see your entire screen, but not much more. It shouldn’t be moved after y

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