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Laptop DIY – How To Make a Car Laptop Stand!

Remember I mentioned the steering wheel laptop stand for cars?  Well, here’s a better version and one you can make for under $30 using PVC pipes from Home Depot.

One thing I’d have to say, this DIY is so clever, you make use of your cup-holder unlike commercial laptop stands where it must be bolted down.  WOW, great job Mike!

Of course, don’t forget the “

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WiFi DIY – How to Make a WiFi Radio!

Trust me, I am an avid WinAmp addict who listens to internet radio constantly.  Here’s a great DIY on how to make your own WiFi radio! The most awesome project I have seen this year so far.

The back panel is made of fiberboard from Home Depot. The Wi-Fi antenna is shown on the left. The LAN ports and buttons of the router are accessible through cutouts in the back panel. A 6-pin mini-DIN power jack that matches the power supply I’m using and the power switch a

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Fridge Hack – How to Make a Chalk Fridge!

Here’s a cool way to transform your kitchen fridge into a big chalk board.  I highly like this idea except I’d like a whiteboard instead but still a good DIY to know.

So, how is a chalkboard fridge made? Very easily, in fact, as long as you have a bit of time to spare. You could finish the whole project, for instance, on a weekend if you started on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday intermittently painting the fridge.

You’ll need some coarse sand paper, masking tape, a small can of primer, and a bucket of chalkboard paint. My local hardware store only carri

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Home DIY – How to Make Stainless Steel Backsplash Wall for your Home!

Here’s a great way to refresh your home using stainless steel sheets you can get at Home Depot.  Simply apply them to your walls and create a new modern “metallic” look at fraction of doing something else to your wall.

To compliment rather modest appliances and modest materials for the counters and floors, John used a thin sheet of stainless steel for his backsplash. Easy to clean, the steel adds a bit of glamour and sheen to the small open kitchen prep area. It can be purchased at any good hardware store and custom cut to fit yo

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Speaker DIY – How to Make a Speaker Stand!

Well, here’s a cool speaker stand you can make for yourself.  The author claims that it costs as much to make the speaker stand versus buying but it does look “customized” and better of course.

I probably could have purchased some speaker stands for the same amount of money that I spent on this project.

But they wouldn’t have been EXACTLY what I needed, and most likely they wouldn’t have been as well built.

When all was said a

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Photography DIY – How to Make a Panoramic Tripod Head for $10!

I, too, have been guilty of taking a lot of panoramic digital photos but none of them really came out “perfect” but here’s a great DIY that shows you how to make a panoramic tripod for about $10.

Next time you take that panoramic shot, it won’t be wasted and you will get a professional-looking panoramic photos.

Building your own panoramic head for an SLR isn’t too hard or expensive. The parts for the design shown here cost abo

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Photography DIY – How to Make a C-Stand!

Are you a photography-nut?  Well, here’s a cool DIY photography C-Stand you can make using PVC pipes from Home Depot.

Here is my version of a simple and durable PVC backdrop or Lighting Stand. All the pieces are cheap and readily available and assembly is easy. I bought all the pieces at my local Lowe’s for about $11.00, so you can do 2 for about 20 bucks not counting the uprights. You might save even more if you buy a multi-pack of the PVC fittings.

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Home Improvement DIY – How to Make a Computer Table with Galvanized Pipes!

If you are a plumber or simply have a LOT of extra galvanized pipe parts laying inside your garage, you might want to consider making a cool computer table with those extra parts.  Just remember, the galvanized pipes do have leftover resin and oil so you don’t want to build this for your kids, maybe as an extra table in your lonely garage where you can play poker with friends.

Rory connected inexpensive blac

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DIY – How to Make Water Bottle Rocket Launcher!

Here’s a great way to make a water bottle rocket launcher with use of regular sodas and PVC pipes from Home Depot. I really like this water bottle rocket launcher as it can be a great way for students to learn about science while keeping things safe.

2-liter soda bottles turned water rockets are as shrieking good a time as a water park and a lot easier to build! They streak into the air faster than the eye can track while dousing everyone in the launch area with water. Occasionally, my middle school students host and teach classes of element

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Automated Digital Grill – Blue Ember 650 iQue’ grill


This is the kind of grill I need, the one that lowers its temperature automatically after the steak is cooked.

I am gettin’ hungry…  THis thang is going to change how we eat…steak that is of course, my favorite dish.

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘2008 NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW’) — <Visual News> Fiesta(www.fiestrabbq.com) introduced its revolutionary touch-screen digital controller grill ‘Blue Ember 650 iQue’ at the 2008 National Hardware Show, May 6 ~8, in Las Veg

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