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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount!

Are you trying to mount your iPhone to a tripod such as a gorillapod?

Well, there’s a great detailed DIY guide on how to make an iPhone tripod mount here.

I first started out with plastic from  iphone box. I trimmed excess from edge to make it look more attractive doesn’t have to be done. Next , I lined up the Rubber case to find where I would need to place holes for the camera and the screws. I found that the case doesn’t find in straight in needs little bit of an angle to work, it depen

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Earth DIY – HOW TO Make Hotel Magnetic Key Jewelry!

This one’s for all those ladies out there who have been traveling often, learn how to make/recycle hotel magnetic key jewelry! I know most hotels throw away millions of these plastic magnetic keys on a daily basis, here’s a great way to help the environment while making you look more beautiful.

We cut the cards into various small shapes. I then used a leather punch (because it was handy and I didn’t feel like messing with the drill) to make holes in the top of the shapes. We then

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Golf DIY – How to Play Better Golf Under Pressure!

Many of you probably know me as a “serial blogger” or problogger but my skills in my life isn’t writing, English is my 2nd language and I got world-record Cs in 99% of all my English classes in elementary/middle/high school and in college.

Of course, blogging has made my writing better (it ain’t stellar still) and reading other blogs on a daily basis has helped me better articulate myself online.

My real skills lie in hitting that flop-shot over a high-lip bunker or hitting  a 350 yard drive on a par 5.  That’

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Garden DIY – How to Kill Gophers and Moles with a Solar Powered Sonic Deterrent!

I have to say I’ve been fighting a LOT of gophers while I used to live at my parent’s house.   I did use the Sonic Mole Deterrent which requires 4 D-sized batteries and would run out every couple weeks or so but here’s the solar alternative that will keep going once you insert it into the gophers’ holes.

These Sonic Deterrents basically make noise, which is really annoying to the rodents.  (and to you too.)

Of course, one trick to deterring these nasty little gophers is to not use the Sonic Deterent all the time, m

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LED Hack – How to Add More LED Headlights to Your RC Truck!


Here’s a cool LED hack someone did on their RC truck to put extra LED headlights.  Of course, you might actually be able to do this on real trucks too.  (so long as you use like 50 LEDs for each headlight)

CMCKAYVSTMCKAY purchased some super bright white LEDs from us and created one cool RC truck mod. He drilled out holes in the light bar to accept the 5mm White LEDs and also added some in the front of the truck. Have a look at the videos, they show the process that was used to install the LEDs and show how bright they are in

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MP3 Hack – How to Make a Motion Controlled MP3 Player!


MP3 players have been becoming more and more easier for hackers and makers to hack.  Here’s a cool MP3 hack that shows you how to make a motion controlled MP3 player.  You can also learn about how to make MP3 decoder here.

I chose a PC speaker MS-77 manufactured by Elecom for this project. It is separated in left and right channels and the amplifi

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NES Hack – How To Make an SNES Alarm Clock!


Here’s a really cool NES Hack that involves installing an alarm clock inside the SNES.  Of course, you can even use the joystick to set the time, which gets double-whammy thumbs up.

Our story begins with the gutting of the SNES and the desoldering of the cartridge connector and reset switch from the mainboard. To my great surprise and greater fortune, the cartridge connector’s pins were precisely the same pitch as the through-holes for the display ribbon on the alarm clock, and on top

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Encoder Rings let you save some binary data…

First of all, if you are into rings, you should really check out our Ring Blog where we featured all types of interesting rings, diamond rings, casual rings, and more.

Back to the story, this Encoder Ring can basically store up to 64 characters using binary numbers.

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DIY – How to Make Steampunk Headphones!

Steampunk Headphones!


Are you tired of your regular ol’ headphones?  Here’s a great DIY showing you how to make Steampunk Headphones.

To construct this headset, I started with items commonly found at home improvement stores. I wanted to use mostly copper or brass parts, at least for the parts that are exposed. Unfortunately, copper and brass are heavy (compared to plastic). I use a headset frequently so I didn’t want to end up with something too heavy. The end look has an industrial f

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