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Industrial Tools – Proximity Warning Device for heavy Industrial Vehicles

Here’s a cool proximity warning device (US Patent #6853307) for industrial heavy equipments made with CUBLOC CB220 and GHLCD graphic display from Comfile. If you need to a such device for satisfying OSHA requirements, this might be it.

The company’s primary products are high voltage proximity warning devices and line contact warning devices. Proximity warning devices have been used successfully for decades to prevent heavy equipment from co

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Cool High-tech whiteboard for your school from MIT

[gv data=”NZNTgglPbUA”][/gv]

Yes, we need this whiteboard, can anyone make a DIY on it?

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Open Flame Physics Experiment, Ruben’s Tube

[gv data=”HpovwbPGEoo”][/gv]

This Ruben’s Tube will mimik your music with sine wave fireworks…awesome!

Watch standing waves being seen as open flames…

via wohba

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