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Home DIY – How to Make High Volume Rain Water Barrel!

I guess it’s actually “illegal” in the state of Colorado to collect rain water but for those of you living elsewhere, you can learn how to make high volume rain water barrel.  This could be a great way to have reserve water for your plants and whatnot.  Besides recycling natural water, you will cut down on your bills too.


Earphones can cause Hearing Loss!

Well, recent study concludes that your iPod earphones can cause hearing loss.  Of course, I can admit to losing hearing over the last couple years while listening to my iPod and iPod Touch.  My wish is that there’s a successful class lawsuit against Apple so I can get some money.  I don’t mind the hearing loss that much but free money is always good.  Just be careful though, don’t listen to that rock and roll too loud, use your common sense.

The report said that those who listened for five hours a week at high-volume settings exposed themselves to more noise tha

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