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Record DIY – How to Burn/Convert Old Vinyls into CDs!

If you have a bunch of old vinyl records like me, you will need to get one of these awesome Crosley Songwriters that can burn ALL your old vinyls into CDs.  It’s not cheap but it’s not cheap to have your vinyls sitting around, waiting for one day to be broken by accident and whatnot.

Are your albums sitting idly in a dark, dusty corner somewhere? Can’t bea

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Top 10 Portable Speakers for iPod/iPod Touch/iPhones!

1. The iLive IBCD3817DTBLK Portable Boombox is probably the best bet for your money as it’s not only an iPod-dockable speakers, the Boombox itself is also a radio/CD player.  This is probably the best speaker you can get for your money.


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