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MUST SEE Video – Overpowered “Drifting” Honda Go Kart!

Have you been on a go kart before? I haven’t but I do have to say just seeing this video of an overpowered, “drifting” Honda Go Kart makes my day. Enjoy~ (via autoblog)

P.S. The guy is not even wearing a helmet, please, at least protect your head when drifting on public streets for your life, not mine. 🙂

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Motorcycle DIY Video – How to Ride a Motorcycle!

Let me tell you a story of how I started riding motorcycles.

The very first time was at my best friend’s house up in Humbolt, California where he had a dirt-bike.  Well, to cap the story short, I didn’t know how to ride, didn’t have a helmet on, ultimately did a superman and sorta chipped a part of my leg bones after flipping over about 3 times on the ground.

As ugly as that experience sounds, I got the courage to actually BUY a motorcycle couple years later in South Korea, where I was staying.  The traffic was so bad, the only way to get around the city fa

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Helmet Clock that Projects Time!

Over the weekend, I took the motorcycle class and passed! (meaning I get an official license now) Anyways, I did also fend off bunch of hackers who kept taking this site down while I was taking the class (talk about honor, these hackers have no class, at least hack my site when I am not in class).

Here’s a really cool helmet clock that can also project time.  This might come in handy to celebrate the day you pass your mo

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Cardboard DIY – How to Make a Cardboard Helmet!

If you are still not old enough to drive a motorcycle, at the least you can make yourself a Roman-style cardboard helmet and “pose” on your older brother’s motorcycle.

Here’s a great DIY on how to make such a thang.

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Micro Orb – Golf-Ball Sized Spy Camera!


That’d be way cool if this was actually a ball and you could whack the shit out of it and check out what kind of video you get afterwards…

The Micro Orb Spy Camera is a miniature surveillance video & audio recording camera concealed into a tiny 1.5 inch sphere the size of a golf ball.

The Micro Orb Spy Camera can be worn on a helmet to record your sport activities such as biking, skydiving, and hiking or as a baby monitor, a mannequin eyeball,

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DIY HACK – How to build a cheap bluetooth audio for your GPS!

Here’s a good instructable on how to build a cheap bluetooth audio for your GPS. If your GPS doesn’t already support bluetooth (I believe most don’t), this is a great cheap way to get all those audible directions into just the driver’s ears, not everyone in the car.

I needed a way to hear my cheap a$$ GPS under the helmet on my motorcycle and didn’t wanna fork over 2x the price for a “motorcycle ready” GPS device so I

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