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NFL decides to Ban Twitter!


Seriously, I think the NFL executives (or whatever they call the decision makers there) have no brains at all.  NFL has officially “banned” use of Twitter by players or their representatives before, during, and after the game.  (I would tell the NFL players to start a Twitter revolution.  It’s time the players make decisions!  After all, NFL isn’t NFL without the players.)

Say it aint so, Ochocinco! One of the NFL’s biggest personalities and one of Twitter’s most engagi

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Bank of America ATMs Wasting Energy, Turn that LCD OFF Please!



Here’s my letter to BofA and any other ATM-owing banks in the world who leave their ATM LCD on all night long:

Dear CEO of BofA and other banks that leave their ATMs on at night:

It’s 3:35AM over here in California, I have not been able to goto sleep tonight so I am working(blogging) in my car again.  Anyways, I parked my car by a local stripmall where I’ve noticed that Bank of America ATM machine LCDs are on as bright as hell.

Suddenly I realized how many BofA ATMs were out there and how much energy

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Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Powered Roof Gutter Water Barrel!

Here in California, it’s freakin’ sunny as hell during the summer and in the winter, it rains like a mothufooko.  Anyways, I’ve been working on my friend’s lawn and they have no lawn sprinkler nor do they want to spend the money on it.  Every summer, that lawn gets dried up like crazy and I’ve always thought there’s gotta be a good way to re-use the water that you get during the spring, specifically the water thats coming down your roof gutter.

Well, I am in look as I found this awesome DIY that shows you how to make a solar-powered roof-gutter e

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HD Flip Ad – FAH


HD Flip ad…Funny as hell

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Laptop New Roundup from our Laptop Blog!

Well, I have to admit to being lazy on the subject of laptops, so here’s a round-up of all the stuff worth taking a look about laptops:

Read about Dell Adamo review here, fake MacBooks spotted, and Sotec C103 is a new contender in the netbook market.

Viewsonic is also getting in the mini-laptop ma

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DIY 3D Scanner made from Regular Flatbed Scanner!


Here’s a video of a DIY 3D scanner made from regular flatbed scanner.  It can only scan cylindrical objects but sure hell beats any over-priced 3D scanners.

“I modified a Dell scanner in such a way that it can used to scan cylindrical objects such as a soda can or, in this case, an energy drink can.”

via hackedgadg

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Pole Dancing Robots!


Hehe, this is funny as hell.

via coolest-gadgets

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Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts!

It’s that time again, yes, it’s a Saturday and we are still working…AND it’s time for Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts from our Eco Blog!

Bill Gates invests in Bio-Fuel and we

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24K Gold-Plated Bike for Rich Snobs!

I would never want to become a rich snob but if you do, here’s a great 24 carat gold-plated bike you can get.  Looks like you can win one if you live in the UK.

A UK based insurance company, ETA, is offering a custom-made 24K gold-plated Charge Plug bicycle complete with customized seat, handlebars and chain to mark the Green Transport Week. The Midas ride comes with its own security guard. But, there are certain restrictions in case you want to buy this hell of a pimped ride lik

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DIY – How to Make a Skunk Motorcycle Helmet!

Really, I wouldn’t make something skunky like this but still, it’s funny as hell.

Do you want your head to stand out in a crowd? Enjoy making people go “What was that?” Smell bad? This one is for you! I have seen motorcyclists with a “mohawk” stripe on their helmets, but I wanted a different one. My helmet is plain black, so what else to do but put a Skunk stripe on it!

via instructables

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