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Helicopter DIY – How to Land a Helicopter!

If for some reason your pilot dies while you are on a helicopter, my best suggestion is to equip yourself with a parachute beforedhand and simply jump out if that happens.  For those of you not as smart on planning for the worst, WonderHowTo has a great guide on “somehow” landing the helicopter yourself.

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Flyin’ High Voltage Jobs!

Here’s a cool video on people who actually work on the high voltage lines, they get there by a helicopter so they are not grounded while millions of volts of electricity go through their body while they work. (via hackedgadgets)


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DIY Paintball Dropping RC Helicopter!


You thought you could build this to drop some bombs on your nasty neighbor, you are right, you can. :p

I used to have a TREX back when they first came out a few years ago. It was decent, I could do some tricks but nothing too special. The reason I stopped flying was I just could not afford the time and money it took to maintain the thing! The heli did not come put together so it took me about 2 weeks to get that done. Every week I was driving all around L.A. and O.C. trying to find a shop would take my $80 for my latest batch of part

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DIY Chinese Solar-powered Car gets 90+ Miles on a 30-hour Charge!

We’ve all heard of what some Chinese people can do such as the DIY Helicopter and DIY Submarine.  Well, here’s comes another cool innovation, a Solar Powered car that does 90+ miles on a single 30 hour charge.

Of course, if there’s sun while you drive, that’s additional miles to add.

Now, let me ask GM, Toyota, and Honda, where are your “Chine

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Draganflyer X6 – UAV Helicopter Takes Aerial Photos and Videos!


Check out this Draganflyer X6, a multi-functioning UAV Helicopter that can take aerial photos and videos is HD quality.

The Draganflyer X6 is a remotely operated, unmanned, miniature helicopter designed to carry wireless video cameras and still cameras. Operate the Draganflyer X6 helicopter with the easy to use handheld controller while viewing what the helicopter sees through video glasses.


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DIY Homemade Submarine made from Metal Barrels!

Remember they Chinese guy who made the helicopter? Well, here’s another Chinese guy who made a freakin’ submarine out of old metal barrels.

Talk about eco-friendly, this submarine probably is the most green submarine ever made.

Way cool huh?

I am gonna go make mine too now and

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Future Hovering Spy Drones Reviewed!


Here’s an interesting video on future hovering spy drones.  Well, my hopes are there are no wars in the future and that these future hovering spy drones will only serve to prevent wars.  Where are my tax dollars damn Uncle Sam?

This video shows, which is a lot of fun to watch, shows STARMAC, the Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent, described as “a testbed of 6 quadrotor helicopter unmanned aerial vehicles that fly indoors and outdoors to experiment with autonomou

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DIY Helicopter in China!

Wow, check out this DIY helicopter, it looks all homemade and everything.  The cost of this helicopter?  Only $3000 USD but be careful, if you fall, you are surely to die a horrible death.

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DIY HACK – 24 year old makes Homemade Helicopters!

Wow, this 24 year old from Nigeria built his own helicopter!

Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, seen here, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts

[via] Yahoo

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Build a Super Sky Cycle and jump that traffic jam!


Check out these Super Sky Cycles you can build which are a motorcycle/helicopter hybrid.

Don’t worry about traffic jams anymore. This SkyCycle is a cross between a motorcycle and a gyroplane. It can race to 55 mph on the ground and more than 100 mph in the air. Unfortunately, it is only available as a kit, so you’ll have to rely on your own craftsmanship… but it will only cost you about $37,000.

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