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Ergonomic Chair with Heater and Memory Foam Padding!

For those of you who work at home, you might be interested in this awesome office chair that features a heater and memory foam padding for ultimate comfort.   The heater works with 2 settings and a battery so you can still move around freely while the ergonomic memory foam padding provides perfect support for you to work continuously.

Of course, if you like to working on your netbook while laying down like, you might be interested getting

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DIY – Induction Heater

[gv data=”Hopa-oXh8cQ”][/gv]

Cool little video on induction heater…

I used a PLL driver an H-bridge from my solid-state Tesla coil. The H-bridge is connected to the primary of a ferrite transformer with a 0,66uF capacitor in series.

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