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LED Hack – How to Add More LED Headlights to Your RC Truck!


Here’s a cool LED hack someone did on their RC truck to put extra LED headlights.  Of course, you might actually be able to do this on real trucks too.  (so long as you use like 50 LEDs for each headlight)

CMCKAYVSTMCKAY purchased some super bright white LEDs from us and created one cool RC truck mod. He drilled out holes in the light bar to accept the 5mm White LEDs and also added some in the front of the truck. Have a look at the videos, they show the process that was used to install the LEDs and show how bright they are in

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Bigger Diameter Contact Lenses for that Alien Look!

For people with small eyes or at least they don’t like to open their eye 100% (like me naturally), you can benefit from the extra, big contact lenses which can make you look like you never blink.

It seems that a few companies are now starting to produce Extra-Wide Contact Lenses which give you that deer-caught-in-the-headlights wide irised look. Ranging from prices between $30-$50 a pair, depending on the company you purchase from, cosplay was never this realistic.


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DIY Homemade Submarine made from Metal Barrels!

Remember they Chinese guy who made the helicopter? Well, here’s another Chinese guy who made a freakin’ submarine out of old metal barrels.

Talk about eco-friendly, this submarine probably is the most green submarine ever made.

Way cool huh?

I am gonna go make mine too now and

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