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Starbucks Instant Coffee – VIA Ready Brew

As a coffee addict who relies on cheap instant coffee to make his own frappucino every morning, this is great news that Starbucks instant coffee will be available soon as VIA Ready Brew.  No more headaches, I will have to definitely brew some realy frappucinos now.

Starbucks has found a way to offer a truly great cup of coffee that you can prepare by just adding water. Other instant coffees taste flat and lifeless. Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew is different – it’s full-bodied

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Winter Hack – How to Make Windshield De-Icer!

For those of you living in snow still while Californians are enjoying the winter sun, you can refer to this DIY on how to make windshield de-icers.  Basically, these de-icer formulas can get rid of your morning “cannot-defrost-my-windshield” headaches.

Mix one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol. Apply to the window and watch it peel right off!

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Linux Web Server Hack – How to Write Automated Load Balancing Script!

Well, I have been manually managing the dedicated server for this site for last 2 years or so but I found a better way to automate the server so it doesn’t ever go down due to overload.

One of the common problems in dedicated servers is the fact that load can go out of control and your web server along with it, causing you to hard-restart the server.

A better way to deal with this over-load problem is to shut down the HTTPD server (web server) before your server

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