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iCrack – iPhone’s will FAIL by crackin’ on you!

In the last year or so, 20% of all damaged iPhones in the world have FAILED due to the cracking of its screens.  Even Nintendo has added a protective silicon cover for their Wiimotes since they have been crackin’ up HDTVs like it’s no big thang.  Well, Apple better do something and put some protective iPhone covers as default otherwise they may be cheating the consumers. (to buy new iPhones!)

Even my Blackberry has been dropped about 50 times in the last 2 years and no screen has broken.  Perhaps, iPhone design is great for touch but not so much for insurance against c

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Wide Portable Keyboard and Mouse Platform for Couch PC Potatoes!

Although I could never really blog off my desk, (maybe once in a while), this Gamers Desk combo of keyboard and mouse might just work perfectly with my couch and HDTV.

LapWorks’ Gamers Desk helps bring PC gaming into the living room and onto HDTVs, where gamers can leave their desks behind and use the wide, 11 x 26 3/4 inch platform as a gaming desk on their lap. The Gamers Desk provides a comfortable, lap-spanning platform with ample space for a broad gaming keyboard and optical mous

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