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Recommended Hdmi-inputs

1080P 42″, 46″ and 47″ LCD HDTV Review!

Here’s a review of the 1080P 42-inch and 47-inch LCD HDTVs you can buy.

My review is based on the following qualities:

Best Value for Best Price – I am not looking to spend more than I have to, I need a new LCD HDTV that is full HD while I spend less as possible. 1080P Full HD w/ resolution of 1920×1080 – I want Full HD so I can hook up my HDTV to my PC or laptop and get 1920×1080 resolution.  This will make my Windows operating system look

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DealMax – Cheap Harddrives, Mouse, HDTV, Laptop Bags, and MP3 Players!

Well, I get hundreds of great deals on gadgets and computer parts everyday so here’s a bunch of cool Dell coupons I received today that could help you save money:

(Most of these coupons are valid until 11/22/08 until Dell runs out of these merchandise, so if you are going to buy, buy quickly to get the discount!)

1 TB 7200 RPM Caviar Greenpower SATA 3G-HD 16MB 3.5LP Hard Drive

As hard drive capacities increase, the power required

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