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Dream Hack – How to Have a Lucid Dream!


Ever since I read Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge many years ago, I’ve been fascinated at the fact that you can control your lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams are basically dreams where you are “aware” of yourself. Upon more practice of becoming more “aware” of the fact that your are dreaming (while in the dream), you will actually be able to contr

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Health DIY – How to Have More Energy!


Recently, I’ve had some life-changing experiences and would like to share with the world on “how to have more energy”.

About a week ago, I got really, really sick.  I mean so sick that I could barely blog. (although I kept blogging…)

So somehow, I stopped drinking (after drinking everyday for practically most of my life on a daily basis) and also did some things that changed my life completely around.

Now, I am so FULL of energy, I feel like superman!

What did I do?

Well, to put it

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