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Halloween DIY – How to Make See Saw Halloween Skeletons!


With all the Halloween Costume/Decoration Ideas out there today, here’s another really cool DIY that shows you how to make See Saw Halloween Skeletons that will play by themselves.

The author uses “wiper” motors (similar to the ones used on car wipers) to make the see-saw go back and forth.

This prop was created in an effort to use more wiper motors in my haunt. After usi

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DIY – How to Make Pop-up Coffin Halloween Prop!


Yey, it’s that favorite wacky American holiday coming up, Halloween and here’s how to make your own Pop-up Coffin Halloween Prop using some PVC pipes with some creativity.

With a home haunt, we have found that the best non-commercial cylinder to be found on the market today is the screen door closers. They contain a spring that will return them to the original closed position when the air is off and have an amazing strength. Since they are designed for pneumatic operation, we find the

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