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Braille Karaoke Allows Blind People To Sing!

I wouldn’t have guessed it but here’s a cool gadget for blind people.  It’s a braille that will allow blind people to read the lyrics and sing along with others.

Of course, this might be great for other things like watching TV and more.  We will have to wait and see what kind of cool new gadgets that can arise from this.

You can enjoy KARAOKE using our Braille display with SEIKA! Lyric synchronizes with Braille and it will appear on the display with a KARAOKE melody. You can sing together in harmony when connected with ot

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Tranquil PC announces Intel Atom-based Harmony home servers

Tranquil PC announces Intel Atom-based Harmony home servers.

The only bad part?

It ships with Microsoft Windows Home Server, which makes it worthless to anyone who uses Linux.  Well, it’s not worthless but you gotta pay more.

two new fanless models should be shipping in June: the T7-HSAi (left, with a single 3.5-inch drive or two 2.5-inch drives) and T2-WHS-A3i (right, with up to two 3.5-inch drives), both featuring Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports, 512MB or 1GB RAM options, and running Windows Home Server. With base configs and 50

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The ESPN Remote!

ESPN remote is here! Well, at best, it’s really bringing the TV Guide to your remote, which is a genius idea in itself. Looks like they are going to get like million orders before they even start selling it.

Looking for an alternative to the Harmony? It now exists. As I was leaving the floor at the C

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Microsoft supports Linux via Novell; Satan phones Gates regarding temperature

Ah, here’s a good news for linux users, yes, finally, microsoft will work with linux! Well, SuSE linux (SuSE linux was acquired by Novell) is one of my old time linux favorite. Hmmm…only if they could offer an OS that is free and runs both Windows and Linux simultaneously without running VM or any other virtual operating system simulator…

It’s not exactly official just yet, but the latest word from “people familiar with the companie

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