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PC DIY – How to Build a Killer Gaming PC!

If you’ve already learned how to build a PC in a rather fast-fashion of 10 minutes or under, you might be interested to know about how to build a killer gaming PC.

ExtremeTech.com has a great detailed tutorial on how to build your next killer gaming PC using the latest hardware.

Of course, the one secret about building a killer gaming PC is to use the latest and the best hardware, this tutorial will never stop.

Our goal isn

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Home DIY – How to Make a Drum Lamp Shade!

Here’s a really cool DIY for those of your drummers and musicians alike, learn how to make a drum lamp shade that will coincidentally fit perfect with the rest of your musical instrument in your home.

Make your own barrel lamp shade using some simple materials picked up at craft and hardware stores.

via instructables

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DIY Open Source Multi-Touch Display

Now, you can build your own open source multi-touch display.  I guess it was at Maker Faire but somehow I missed it…

Researchers at Eyebeam, an engineering and design firm, sell kits that let people build their own multitouch tables. In this picture, the Cubit frame is completely disassembled. To make the display functional, users must add an inexpensive video camera and a projector, among other pieces of hardware.


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Open-source Hardware for your holidays

Make has some cool open-source hardware for your holidays. What is our take on it? Well, it really looks pretty good! Check it out and you might get an idea for your next cool app, well, we are eating too much turkey and too much Grey Goose to think about it. But we do recommend anything Make recommends, they have some cool stuff that are open-source and you can make your next product using some free code…

Well, the next holiday break will be the Christmas, where we will still be working all da

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Linux DIY Hack – HOW TO – Scan the ‘waves with your TV card

Wow, here’s a cool way to put your old linux box to good use…TV wave hacking!

AMXL shows you how to use a SAA7134 based TV card and Debian to tune in to all sorts of waves you can’t normally get with your TV… Looks like it will work with many of the TV cards out there too… – “If you have a TV capture card in your computer, you probably already have all the hardware you need to listen in on much more than just TV and radio (only software changes a

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