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Back to School Sale – Best Deals on Laptop, HDTV, HardDisk, and Wireless Printer!

For those of you looking for the “best” deals on laptop, hdtv, harddisk, and wireless printer, check out some of these great deals:

It doesn’t get better than this, if you have been looking for a powerful laptop for back to school, this ASUS T4400 2.2Ghz Laptop is on sale for just $414.99!

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Also, a refurbished 32-inch 1080P Vizio HDTV going only for $355.56, certainly a great dorm room HDTV your college kid will appreciate!

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Seagate 1.5TB HardDisk Super Sale!

For those of you who have been waiting to get some real extra storage for your computer, Seagate 1.5TB harddisk is now only $75.99 on Amazon, slashed from its regular $199.99 price. If I were you, I’d pick up couple of these for some hefty personal storage for all your videos/photos.

$75.99 on Amazon

via techeblog

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Harddisk DIY – How to Duplicate Hard Drives with Ease!

For those of you who need to duplicate your hard drives with ease, there’s a hardware for that.

The Aleratec HDD Copy Cruiser can duplicate your hard drives and also doubles as hard drive dock, meaning you can access your hard drives via USB.

The HDD Copy Cruiser Mini is both a powerful HDD duplicator and a versatile HDD docking station in one lightweight, portable device. This essentional tool for building,

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Harddisk Hack – How to Make a Harddisk DataLocker!


A sophisticated harddisk datalocker using a PIC microcontroller might not be what you had in mind for securing your data but this guy has done just that, all colorfully illustrated with detailed instructions.

How to turn and ordinary external harddrive into a datalocker using only a PIC microcontroller, a keypad and some various other components.

via instructables

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DIY HardDisk Christmas Tree!

Check out this really cool DIY Harddisk Christmas tree.  Of course, don’t forget about my Soju Christmas tree and the LED Christmas tree either.

At our work we were decomissioning six old HP/Compaq servers to clear up space for new servers and, naturally, each server had a fairly large raid array. Instead of formatting ev

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DIY – How to Make a Wall Clock from Recycled Harddrives!

Remember the DIY Harddisk Clock?  Well, here’s another cool wall clock made from recycled harddrives.(or harddisks)

step 1 Materials and Tools Needed Tools that you will need for this project are: 1. Drill – I would suggest small DREMEL type drill with bench press. 2. Some Drill bits 3. Kit of Screwdrivers, type and ga…

step 2 Disassembling Hard Drives First of all you have to undo screws as shown in picture below, after that you’ll b

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2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA HDD Dock with Cooling Fan for backing up/connecting your Extra Harddrives!

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Eco-Mode 3.5″ HDD Sata HardDisk Case saves you up to 71% of Energy!

Marshal’s new case for 3.5″ SATA HDD can save you up to 71% of energy and harddisk operations as it automatically stops disc rotation after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What do we think?

It’s great for the harddisk and the environment, get one when they are available.  Products like this save you both money and help promote eco-friendliness.

Technically speaking, nothing revolutionary, simply an ECO mode that stops disc rotation after 5 minutes of

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USB Bomb – Weapon of Mass Storage!

Designs like this one get my attention while SiteHoppin. It’s an awesome USB Bomb that can store, well, let’s just say it’s more practical to put a harddisk inside it than a flash memory. Besides, you could probably fit several harddrives in this weapon of mass storage.

Like it?

Well, I believe it’s only a concept right now.

Designed by Mexico City industrial designer Joel Escalona.  (Awesome designs Jo

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Wall Clock made from an old Harddrive

Here’s a great way to recycle your old harddrive, looks like a technological art, I like it! 🙂

via make

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