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Ubuntu Linux Hack – How to Install Fresh Copy of Ubuntu without Losing your Current Program Settings!

If you are a hard-core Ubuntu/Linux supporter like me, you will need to learn how to save your programs when you install a fresh copy of Ubuntu.

Here’s how to do it:


Keeping your configuration intact is pretty straight forward and obvious. Just backup your /home folder onto an external drive or whatever. Make sure you also grab the hidden files, don’t do my mistake! Applications

Now for the current applications. Basically we just need to make a full list of the installed apps. sudo dpkg –get-selections &

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Poor Man’s Octopus Costume!

If you are a gadgeteer, plumber, or some kind of hard-core DIYer, you might want to consider this poor man’s version of Doctor Octopus costume for this Halloween.

Simply get some of those left over hardware parts and put them together for nice octopus tentacle effect that’s going to annoy and entertain anyone around you at the Halloween party.

To be perfectly honest, while this was assembled at the last minute on Halloween night, it was not entirely a spon

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$18,000 Darth Vader Statue!

Standing at 4 feet tall and 150lbs., this life-like Darth Vader Statue can be purchased for a measly $18,000.

Any hard-core Star Wars fans out there? (Now my question is, how many people will buy this in the next week?)

Sculpted by Lawrence Noble, the inspiration for this Vader bronze came from a source usually associated with the Star Wars prequels, that is the planet Coruscant. Standing 4 feet tall and weighing 150 lbs., this majestic statue sports a particular attitude as it is frozen with one foot raised on a little precipice. Only 30 su

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Authentic Used Slotmachines for Sale!

If you a hard-core, addicted-to-gambling millionaire, you might want to consider getting couple of these authentic used slotmachines in your home to keep all that money flowing within the house, not at Bally or Bellagio.

Link to SlotsforSale.com

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