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Expanding Lights!


Wow, here’s a great idea for your next dining table hanging lamp, expanding lights!  If they could automated the expanding part, there could be a big market for this.

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Bettine Lamp is made from 315 Ping Pong balls and my PC is made from 10 Golf Balls!

Okay my PC is not made from 10 golf balls, that was just a joke but here’s Bettine Lamp, made from 315 Ping Pong balls.  Isn’t it great?

The Dutch designer Diaz Kleefstra meticulously put together this hanging lamp so you can have diffuse light while toeing the line between über chic and über geek. It’s called the ‘Bettine’ lamp because it’s named after famous female Dutch table tennis player Bettine Vriesekoop.

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