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Wind-up Cranking Remote Control!

With the wind-up cranking remote control, couch potatoes will now be able to get some real motivation for working out those fingers.  Better yet, get a Wii Fit.

Our Wind Up Remote Control not only lets you survey and control your multimedia empire from the sofa armed with just one for all remote controls, this handy device is a completely battery free remote control so there are no batteries to replace, ever!

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Remy Alarm Clock Blanket!

Here’s an interesting concept, an alarm clock that’s embedded in a blanket light up when it’s time for you to eat the worms. Of course, set that alarm early so you can eat all the worms.

Here is something that you may want to consider taking with you when you go to bed. Much of us want to know what goes on in bed when we sleep and while these may occur at times where we least note them to be, it would be best to have a handy device as the Remy Alarm Blanket which monitors your movements and alerts you as well.

This is a go

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