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Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector Hands-on Review!

UPDATE: You can now pre-order yours on Amazon HERE.

UPDATE: Check out Optoma’s new product the Optoma NEO-i DV20A Here!

Max’s Rating: Love It.

One of the gadgets that really stood out at CES 2010 was the Optoma PK301 pico/pocket projectors.  As someone who has been trying to

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Nexus One Hands-on Review, Videos and Photos!

Here’s a quick overview of the Nexus One‘s basic functionalities:


Here’s a video of GoogleMaps Lattitude, where you can see your friends/family on GoogleMaps in real-time.


Nexus One comes with a mobile Photoshop app for photo editing:


I recently started using Google’s Picasa online photo services so I can store all of my photos online.  Well, gre

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MSI Wind U160 Hands-on Review!

The MSI  Wind U160 will feature an Intel Atom N450 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, Windows 7 Starter, and 250GB hard drive for $399.   There’s no word on battery life but looks pretty promising for those of you looking for a sleek laptop. (via engadget)

My opinion?  I am actually moving away from netbooks in general since I have one already but you should have a netbook if you don’t yet in your arsenal.

Also check out these hands-on review videos of the MSI Wind U160:


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Samsung Omnia 2 Hands-on Review! [CES Withdrawls]

I had a chance to take a look at the Samsung Omnia II at CES 2010.  Yes, I know, it’s oooold already but still, it’s a good Windows phone.  I should have the Samsung Galaxy hands-on review soon though.


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Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera Hands-on Review Video!


Finally, I got the video uploaded for the hands-on review of the Samsung NX10, enjoy!  Sorry if some of my videos suck.  Honestly, this is my first time at CES and it was rather a grueling experience as I walked the whole show with a bunch of equipment.  Of course, next year, I will hire some hot chics on-site to help me out.

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ASUS U83JC Bamboo Laptop Hands-on Review!

Also, at CES 2010 couple days ago, I spotted the ASUS U83 JC Bamboo laptop, basically a bamboo version of ASUS UL80Jt we reviewed earlier minus an optical drive.

I have to say, this is the “ultimate” bamboo laptop to get, featuring great bamboo texture for those of you who don’t want such shiny finish on your laptops and touchpad.

I am really crossing my fingers that this laptop will be available

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Newnex USB 3.0 Repeater Cable Hands-on Review!

I had the pleasure of talking to the President of Newnex, Dr. Sam Liu at CES 2010 (Thank you btw for the interview.), who was demonstrating the world’s very first USB 3.0 repeater cable that can extend the standard maximum length of USB 3.0 of 3 meters to 12 meters. This little repeater cable and device consumes very little power yet can possibly let your USB 3.0 device work at a distance 4 times longer.  I am not sure if multiple repeaters can be used to go even further (although probably not), this still is a great solution to USB length problems w

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NovelQuest Emperor Seat Hands-on Review at CES 2010!

At CES 2010 this year, I had the pleasure of sitting at one of the best computer workstation chairs in the world, the NovelQuest Emperor seats.  The one I sat on had recaro seats, with reclining controls for both the seat itself and the 3 monitors.  I think this is the ultimate workstation to get, I can’t really afford one right now but surely, I will be getting one in the future.

See video of my hands-on at the NovelQuest Emperor seat.


These Emperor seats aren’t going t

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ASUS UL80Jt Hands-on Video Review!


I guess Sprint’s 3G network isn’t fast in Las Vegas as it is here in San Francisco, I realized that for sheezy. (However, Sprint/Clearwire’s 4G network is super-fast though, which is enabled in Vegas.)

Anyways, I am so glad to be back home, where my internet speeds are pretty darn fast than anywhere in Vegas.

I did give you a review of ASUS UL80Jt couple days earlier, here’s the video for your viewing pleasures, e

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ASUS Eee PC 1201T Hands-on Review!

I am a huge fan of ASUS laptops ever since I bought an Eee PC 1000HE netbook and also my latest ASUS UL30Vt-X1, which I am actually using it to blog this very blog post about another ASUS laptop, the ASUS Eee PC 1201T.

The Eee PC 1201T is probably the best “value” 12-inch netbook from ASUS.  There no word on the pricing of this new netbook but from the cheaper AMD CPU used (and I think the first AMD CPU on ASUS netbook btw), this 12-inch should be cheaper over its Intel brothers such as the

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