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Credit Card DIY – How to Cut Up a Credit Card!

Here’s the “right way” to cut up your credit card in 15 different slices.  I like to actually cut it up and throw the “halves”, one in the garbage and the other somewhere else.

Either way, you need to cut those credit cards up so you can be protected from over-using(abusing) them in these recession times.

To [scramble] the data in the magnetic stripe, run a very strong magnet along the stripe on the back of the card. Apply scissors or a hammer to the chip embedded in the card…


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DIY Electronic Drum Set



Check out this guy who made his own eletronic drum set.  The first video explains the electronic drum set parts while the second video shows an awesome demo of the drums itself.

As you will see in the video i decide to use PVC pipes and parts due to that the parts are some how like Lego, but it not so easy, all the mechanic work on this set needed special tools for cut / drill / change diameters inside parts and more, In order to get the same feel with foot pedals i decide to use re

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Plankton “Hammer-that-Nail” USB Flash Drive!

Here’s a new type of USB Flash drive that’s going to make you laugh and feel secure at the same time.  It’s a Nail USB flash drive that looks like a big nail stuck in your computer like this:

This is the first product from plankton, a new design company based in the Netherlands. The USB stick is made of polyurethane and iron and has a 1 GB memory capacity.

Now, just don’t get this Nail USB Flash Drive with the

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Edit your PDF files online – PDF Hammer

Cool, you can now officially edit PDF files online! Although I’d never do that. I’d edit the Word file that gets converted into PDFs. Google Docs is probably much better option than this.

Great though, with PDF Hammer, you can move around the pages. (I think that’s the most useful function out of this PDF Hammer thingee…)

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Glasses made out of beer!

Can’t miss this one if you are one beer lover like me. via Make

These specs are hand carved from two bottles of your favorite beer, or any other bottle for that matter. And they also come with a legal disclaimer, because I’m sure there is somebody out there who would purposely buy a pair only to take a hammer to them, causing a shard of glass to be lodged in their eye and then come back to me with a law suit. I suppose glass in the area of

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