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Food USB Drives from Brando!

Check out some of the gravy food USB Drives from Brando.

The one pictured above are actually pizza and hamburger flash drives. – USB Fast Food Flash Drive

Here’s the Pizza USB Flash Drive close-up.  Looks pretty authentic too me, is that peperoni, tomato, pineapple, and green peppers?  Kinda bad choice of toppings there.

Ohhh, I do like this cheesburger USB

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How to Make Perfect Hamburgers using Adjust A Burger!

As an avid hamburger cook, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these Adjust-A-Burger that can help you make that perfect patty.

I’ve been looking something like this to make super thin burger patties, now my problem might be solved.

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World’s Weirdest Phones!

Check out this list of world’s weirdest phones!

Well, I just watch the movie Juno and had to find out where to get the Hamburger phone.  I guess you can get it for about $16.  Yummy…. gonna order one soon.

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