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Angel Ring Lamp!

Here’s a cool lamp that reminds me of an angel ring.

The Jesus floor lamp is designed by Ricardo Garza Marcos. You can place the halo style lamp behind where you sit either at home or at the office. Not only will it illuminate your work or reading area but it will make you look positively angelic!

via bed frames blog

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Halo Addiction, do you have it?

If you see signs of your friends or family starting to look like a green robot thingee, he or she probably has Halo Addiction.



Cool Halo UVX UltraViolet Vacuum!


Free UVX Vacuum from Halo Technology. Contest expires 10/4/07. click here now.

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Halo UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum Review


Wow, we just got the Halo UVX and took it out of the box. It’s awesome in the way the UV rays come out of the bottom. (See video for close-up)

Too bad we are giving this cool vac out to the winner of the MaKePoNo Contest.

Looks like Latricapeters is in th

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Win a Free Halo UVX, a Ultraviolet Vacuum (Worth $400!)

Yes, for some reason, we caught fire with people behind the products we cover. Couple weeks ago, we had a product submission from Halo Technologies for their Halo UV Vacuum. So somehow we were able to talk them into giving us a free vacuum. Well, in

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Brian wins a Free Green Laser worth $200 and we have a Free UV Vacuum for next month’s contest

Everyone thank you for participating in this month’s Zedomax Free Laser Contest.  I am happy to inform you that Brian is our final winner.  Although he did make repetitive comments using some type of Macro software (I think), he made the most comments using whatever he needed to.  We are a hack site so don’t expect us to not praise hackers.

We will have some new banners coming soon for our new contest, you can win a UV Halo Vac next month.  The contest is:  You have to submit most products to our new shopping social site,

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Halo Vac eats germs~

Check out this cool Halo Ultraviolet Vacuum. You can get it for about $399.99 here.

Well, if anyone has kids and whatnot, this might be the vacuum to get for sure.

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