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Recommended Halloween

Viking Skull Piggy Bank

This Viking Skull Piggy Bank is designed for skull and skeleton enthusiasts. The Skull dons Viking armour and chainmail, with two large horns protruding from each side. Perfect for scaring moms, or resting your cap on.

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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Robot Mask with iPhone Teeth!

Oh gawd, this one is one terrible Halloween DIY that shows you how to make a robot with iPhone teeth.  Why would you even want to do that?  Perhaps that’s exactly the point for this Halloween.  Whatever you do, don’t make this and blame me if you don’t get any girls. (or lose your iPhone as someone jacks it off your robot mask.


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Arduino DIY – How to Make a Magic Mirror with Old LCD and Arduino!

Al Linke, the creator of the DIY Magic Mirror, has just buzzed me on his cool Magic Mirror, which was featured on Instructables as winner of the Halloween contest.

Well, I don’t know how I missed it if it was on Instructables but here it is and Al is actually selling kits you can buy to make a magic mirror yourself.

I have to say, this is really cool stuff, I think I have seen something similar, the Magic Message mirror

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Food Hack – How to Make Chocolate Pasta!

I personally don’t really like to eat sweets much, probably because I ate too many of them when I was young and had some horrifying experience at my dentist.

Chocolate pasta still might be great for some of you out there who love chocolate and other sweets.  Here’s how to make it yourself and knock yourself out.

I know I know. Chocolate pasta. Those 2 words really shouldn’t go together. But, I wanted to share the chocolately love. A great way to impress (or perhaps gross out?) your dinner guests, or a halloween or easter treat. I haven’t put a a toppin

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Bluetooth Hack – How to Make a Steampunk Bluetooth Headset!

I have never been a fan of bluetooth headsets (yet) due to the undiscovered side effects (that most consumers don’t know about) but if you must, I highly suggest reading up on how to make a Steampunk bluetooth headset.

Last halloween I dressed up in an old fashioned manor with my cell phone in a pocket keychain. The chain was too short for the phone to reach my ear. This left me with the option of un-hook the phone every time I had to use it, make a unreasonable long c

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Baking Hack – How to make Vampire cupcakes for Twilight parties

Okay, this is kinda a Halloween thing. But my wife likes cupcakes any time and all her friends are in to these Twilight vampire movies and books. So, In honor of my lady, here’s some cool cupcake hacks:

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DIY Halloween LED Music Player!


Here’s a really cool lookin’ LED Music Player for this Halloween you can set by the front door window and entertain your trick-or-treaters.

Basically, I wanted to build some kind of LED matrix driven by an Arduino and laptop for some kind of Halloween costume this year. I ended up using Disney’s Electrical Parade song as the inspiration for my costume. As you can see from the video, the matrix cycles through random animations but when I press a button on my wireless keypad, it starts to play the Electrical Parade so

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Poor Man’s Octopus Costume!

If you are a gadgeteer, plumber, or some kind of hard-core DIYer, you might want to consider this poor man’s version of Doctor Octopus costume for this Halloween.

Simply get some of those left over hardware parts and put them together for nice octopus tentacle effect that’s going to annoy and entertain anyone around you at the Halloween party.

To be perfectly honest, while this was assembled at the last minute on Halloween night, it was not entirely a spontaneously creatio

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Halloween Hack – How to Make a Singing Skull!


Well, it’s coming real close to Halloween (and yes, I’ve already booked myself at a Halloween rave), here’s another really cool Singing Skull you can possibly make. (if you still have enough time)

What’s it saying? It sounds kind of like “I’m on sale” to me. I guess they just want you to subconsciously decode the message and buy more skulls.

The best thing to do with these skulls is to rip their brains out and add MIDI control so you can sync them with your own soundtrack. This tutorial will show you

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Halloween DIY – How to Make an LED Pumpkin with Arduino!


Yey, here’s another cool LED Pumpkin you can make, sorta different from the one I made couple years ago but this one, you can use Arduino to make it.

The Arduino is programmed to pulse the eye LEDs until the victim, I mean trick-or-treater, presses the big red button. At that point the bright white LED will glow, there will be a slight delay, and the servo will trigger a blast from

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