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Super Strong Steel Gloves – Medieval Steel Gauntlets!

Did you ever want a durable glove that would you could use to break walls and whatnot?  Look no further as these Medieval “STEEL” gauntlets will let you exercise your freedom just like in the medieval days.  These would actually be great additions to your Halloween costume also. 🙂

After all, who wouldn’t want their hands protected with heavy steel polished to a chrome finish? Gauntlets are perfect for making a bold statement when flipping the bird. Also, gauntlets are damn impressive at compan

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Halloween DIY – How to Make G.I. Joe Costume!

I still remember when my dad first brought G.I. Joe toys straight from his latest American business trip when I used to grow up in South Korea.  Well, here’s how to become a G.I. Joe “Duke” for the holidays.  (and yes, make sure you don’t carry a real gun, that’d be bad news…)

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DIY Halloween LED Music Player!


Here’s a really cool lookin’ LED Music Player for this Halloween you can set by the front door window and entertain your trick-or-treaters.

Basically, I wanted to build some kind of LED matrix driven by an Arduino and laptop for some kind of Halloween costume this year. I ended up using Disney’s Electrical Parade song as the inspiration for my costume. As you can see from the video, the matrix cycles through random animations but when I press a button on my wireless keypad, it starts to play the Electrical Parade so

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Body in Bag Costume for Halloween!

Here’s a really funky, gruesome Halloween costume you can wear at your Halloween party this year.  This one is 100% guaranteed to get you more chicks, or at least get a good laugh by your friends.

The Body In A Bag costume is a one piece bodyag with a clear front and black back. There is a molded corpse body inside with a spot for your head. There is a back zipper for easy accessibility.

via neatorama,

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Halloween DIY – How to Make See Saw Halloween Skeletons!


With all the Halloween Costume/Decoration Ideas out there today, here’s another really cool DIY that shows you how to make See Saw Halloween Skeletons that will play by themselves.

The author uses “wiper” motors (similar to the ones used on car wipers) to make the see-saw go back and forth.

This prop was created in an effort to use more wiper motors in my haunt. After usi

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DIY Spacesuit Halloween Costume!

Here’s a cool DIY Spacesuit Halloween costume that will really scare the nuts out of your neighbors.  (A neat idea)

Yeah, who is that?

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