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Recommended Halloween-costume-ideas

Top 85 Halloween Costume Ideas!

FUN Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Rubik’s Cube costume will have your friends wondering when you will be “solved”.

2. Men In Black costume looks cool and baaaad. (with the big guns that is…)

3. Nike Sneaker Costume, great for sports fans.

4. Hilarious,

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Fake Wound!

Halloween is almost here and if you haven’t had the time to think of Halloween Costume Ideas, then you might be able to get away by making bunch of fake wounds on your body.

What you’ll need is: -Black, red, and brown acrylic paint. (For an infected looking cut, you’ll also need green and yellow paint) -A bottle of fake blood. (Found at nearly any costume shop) -Scar wax (You an find this at practically every costume shop too) -

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Zedomax Halloween Costume/Pumpkin/Home Decoration Ideas!

Well, it’s going to be that time of the year, Halloween, one of my favorite American Holidays and here’s a re-cap of various different Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Spacesuit Halloween Costume might be a great way to scare your neighbors and score extra candy.

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