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DIY – How to Make a Book using Google Docs!

I’ve been thinking of writing several books lately and I came by this great guide on making a book using Google Docs over at Hackszine.

Currently, my editor Brian Jepson and I are collaboratively writing the book (tentatively titled) Google Office Hacks by O’Reilly using Google Docs. I wanted to outline the process we came up with, and maybe it’s helpful for you too for certain needs.

The base document we’re working on is the outline. It’s a linked

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Zedomax is 1 years OLD!!!

Hey! We are 1 years old now! (Well, yesterday was the birthdate, August 14th but I got too drunk with some MGDs and I had a hangover from the night before so don’t blame me) You see that little blip we had couple weeks ago? Yeah, our site was down and yes I was too drunk. (haha, I was just kiddin’, I just forgot to pay bills)

Anyway, we did reach more than 1 million unique visitors over 1 year so that is good…

Well, I am going to start drinking more and blogging more along with our good friend David from UK. I just mov

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more iPhone HACKS from Hackszine via Makezine!

Well, you know we’ve always try to be on top of hacks such as wii hack or iPhone hacks. (Yes, we do try to get on google on purpose so don’t blame us if you see zedomax while searching for iPhone hacks in the future.)

Here’s some cool hacks Hackszine guys posted! Hackers rule the world!

The other end of things is

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Hanging out at Hackszine

While Garrett was working hard at the booth, I went around and made some friends like Jason Striegel from Hackszine. He’s a very friendly guy and we took some pictures together. The guy taking the picture on the left is also the author of Google Maps Hacks, cool…

You can check out more pictures from our flickr

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Craigslist Hack – Browse images

Craigslist is very good for searching stuff except most of the time it’s in text but here’s a site that lets you browse craiglist with images only.

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Vista HACK – Extend Vista’s Activation Grace Period

Here’s a Vista hack that allows you to use the Microsoft Vista for additional 3 months.

Windows Vista has a 30-day grace period before you’re required to activate it. This can be inconvenient for people who do a lot of testing and frequent clean installs; even though the MSDN subscription includes several activations, what’s the point of activating it on a real or virtual machine that may be running some other operating system in 31 days? Neowin.net explains the of

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How to get out of your Cingular contract, legally.

This is a funny article on how to get out of your Cingular contract. If anyone tried it, let us know.

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