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Some Cool Hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and more!

Lifehacker has a new post that features some cool hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and some other hacks you can’t miss.

Are you using Google Spreadsheets as your web-based spreadsheet editor alternative to desktop programs like Excel? If you do, give the “magic” auto-completions a try. To understand what this does, enter “Superman” in the top left cell, and enter “Batman” and “Wonder Woman” in the cells below. Now select all three cells you created. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the bottom right corner of the selection downwards ov

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DIY – How to Make a Book using Google Docs!

I’ve been thinking of writing several books lately and I came by this great guide on making a book using Google Docs over at Hackszine.

Currently, my editor Brian Jepson and I are collaboratively writing the book (tentatively titled) Google Office Hacks by O’Reilly using Google Docs. I wanted to outline the process we came up with, and maybe it’s helpful for you too for certain needs.

The base document we’re working on is the outline. It

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Goohack of the Day! – Golf Ball

Well as much as I like to play golf, I had to see what kind of hacks our new Goohack search engine could come up with.

So I typed,

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GooHack Searches of the Day – Goo

Well, to promote our new hack search engine, GooHack, we will be doing “GooHack searches of the Day” daily and try to find some interesting new hacks for all you hacker readers.

So to start out, I did a Goo Hack search on the term “Goo” and found some interesting stuff:


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Goohack Launched! – Find DIYs, HowTos, Hacks, and more!

Goohack was just launched!  It’s a search engine that uses Google API to search DIYs, HowTos, Hacks, and other technology stuff from hand-selected sites by me.

It’s pretty useful as it filters out a lot of sites you don’t consider DIY and HowTo related.

For example,

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Zedomax New Direction – .Net and .Biz

Hi All,

Since there are so many things to cover in technology, Web2.0, and internet marketing, I’ve decided to branch out blog posts to dot Com, dot Net, and dot Biz.

From now on, you will only see DIYs, hacks, and Gadgets (mostly) from Zedomax.com.

For Web2.0,webmaster, and social networking related stuff, we will be posting them on Zedomax.Net.

For internet marketing and making money online, we will post the

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Video Cassette USB Hub!

Ever wonder, can I make my own cool looking USB hub that doesn’t look like a USB hub? Well, here’s some good news for you, there’s full instructions over at instructables on how to make your own video cassette USB hub. Thank Alan over at HackedGadgets for finding it. (He always finds the coolest gadget hacks.)

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DIY Linksys HACK – HOWTO tweak your router to go 10 times faster!

If you are like most folks who don’t know about DD-WRT and your Linksys router is dying on you, it’s time to switch your OS to DD-WRT.

DD-WRT also works on over 80 other routers, so be sure to check the supported devices list here.

DD-WRT is basically an aftermarket linux firmware for your Linksys router. It’s

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Robot catapult


Remember the Wii Robot? Well, check out Robot catapult. It’s tight.

Every hacker wants a budget to do bigger, cooler hacks. Well, we got our budget, all $1000 of it, and decided to turn a borrowed industrial robot into a catapult, a hack we’d been hoping to do for a long, long time. We’d been joking about

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DIY iPod HACK – Add Bluetooth to your iPod!!!

Tight, here’s some cool hacks on adding bluetooth to your iPod!

1st Ever Bluetooth-Enabled iPod!

If you’re like me, you’ve often asked yourself why Apple has not added native Bluetooth capability to their iPod line up. Even the iPhone only supports mono Bluetooth!

Sure, there are numerous adapters that plug into the iPod’s dock connector to give you wireless music, but they are clunky, they come off eas

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