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Interesting Twitter HOWTOs/Theories!

Here’s a quick compilations of interesting Twitter HOWTOs and theories I have made over the last month over at my .Biz blog:

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Facebook Hack – How to Make Ring of Circles Appear when You Right Click!

Here’s an interesting Facebook hack that will allow you to see ring of circles when you right click.  Well, it’s sorta of fun hack, maybe the Facebook developers added some “secret” hacks to their interface:

– press up button twice on ur keyboard

– press down button twice

-press left button

-press right button

-press left again

-press right again

-press “b” now

– and now press “b”

-hit Enter

– hit right click of your mouse..

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Top 5 Cool Twitter Hacked Gadgets!

Well, I’ve been slowly blogging and twittering over at TweetHacking.com, here’s the Top 5 cool twitter hacked gadgets for this last week:

Botanicalls is a ethernet device that lets you monitor your plants via Twitter.  For example, if your plant needs to be watered, you will get a tweet for that.  I highly like this one as there’s going to be a slew of apps related with gardening f

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Twitter Hack – How to Make a Twitter Power Meter!

Twitter has probably been the hottest growing social networking/microblogging service this year hands-down.  Needless to say, its uses are endless and great for the DIY community for tinkerers, makers and alike.

Without further due, I announce Lady Ada’s new Tweet-A-Watt power meter system so you will know exactly how much energy your “twittering” is costing

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TweetHacking.com Launched – Twitter Hacks, Gadgets, and More!

Well, over the weekend, I’ve noticed how “fast” Twitter is growing, especially this year.  And I’ve also notice how many new DIY Twitter gadgets have been popping up at Zedomax.com and elsewhere so I’ve decided to open a new blog dedicated to Twitter Hacks for Twitters, TweetHacking.com. Here’s the first fe

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Bicycle DIY – How to Make a Cargo Trailer for your Bike!

When I used to go to middle school about 20 years ago, I used to have a rack for my alto saxophone I’d carry to school.  It was very heavy and the ropes made my bike look like a bike SUV. (if there’s such a thing)

Anyways, here’s a cool bicycle DIY on how to make a cargo trailer for your bike, sorta like motorcycles.

The front half is an old 26er mtb frame that I had been using as an errand/beater bike. The back half is a 29er mtb frame that I had purchased online a couple years ago… it showed up with a bad head tube/dow

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How To Do Search Engine Hacks And Tricks

Want to access things that can’t normally be accessed by your search engine? Check this video out to learn how. This video tutorial shows you a variety of tricks and hacks you can use on the web. It covers 4 ways to search for security cameras, find websites you can’t search normally in search engines (whitehouse.gov etc.), hiding google functions and more. Watch this video tutorial and l

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Google Hack – How To Hack The Internet Using Google!

If you want to learn how to hack, but don’t know where to start, these videos are for you. Watch these videos to learn how to hack with Google. Don’t do anything (too) illegal.

Learn how to hack Google with these amazing videos. These videos will teach you how to hack Google by using advanced search operators and esoteric search terms to find “hidden” files and mp3s quickly

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Wii Hacks – How to Hack Any Stubborn Wii with DriveKey!



Well, if you are a Wii fanatic, you will want to hear this, you can now use DriveKey to hack any stubborn Wii that couldn’t be hacked previously:

we are proud to introduce you to the world first mod chip for the Wii D3 DVD drives the Wii DriveKey mod chip, this device will allow you to play your backups and games from other regions the same as you would with a chipped machine but

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G1 Hack – How to Turn your T-Mobile G1 Phone into a Multi-Touch Device!


Wow, here’s a cool little G1 hack that turns your T-Mobile G1 Android device into a multi-touch device.

You might void warranty but heck, it’s a G1 phone.  I will be ashamed not to break warranty at cool hacks like this.

I moved my original multi-touch code back into the kernel, because it turns out that currently it’s a lot easier to patch the kernel and get a working Android system than i

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