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WordPress Hacks – Hacking WordPress 2.9!

Here’s quick two WordPress hacks in the new WordPress version 2.9:

First hack is hacking the Simple Tags WordPress plug-in so it works with 2.9.  Apparently, the plug-in developers didn’t expect version 2.9.   I am sure they will fix it soon but for those of you in a hurry like me, use the hack.


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Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos!

As you know, WonderHowTo.com is a great DIY video site and here’s Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos from the How To, Hack, DIY, Mods Video Site:


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DIY Linksys HACK – HOWTO tweak your router to go 10 times faster!

If you are like most folks who don’t know about DD-WRT and your Linksys router is dying on you, it’s time to switch your OS to DD-WRT.

DD-WRT also works on over 80 other routers, so be sure to check the supported devices list here.

DD-WRT is basically an aftermarket linux firmware for your Linksys router. It’s

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Craigslist Hack – Browse images

Craigslist is very good for searching stuff except most of the time it’s in text but here’s a site that lets you browse craiglist with images only.

via hackszine

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HOWTO get out of hacking,diying, and resistors…

Check out web comics…sometimes we feel like we need to keep going but sometimes we need to go outside…


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Zedomax DIY 127 – Make an Ethernet controlled Color Organ!


For this weekend, we will show you how to make an ethernet controlled color organ that can be applied for some kind of stage lighting.

We will be using the party light we made and simply plugin the

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Hacking and Network Security

Here’s some cool list of hacking and network security websites:


MedCosm Picaxe blending light


Here’s a cool blending night DIY, very simple and easy to do with your Picaxe. Picaxe is a very cheap microcontroller you can do a lot of cool stuff like this…

had a few multicolor LEDs laying around and wanted to whip up a color-blending nightlight. I built 2 devices, each in its own 20 pin DIP socket without soldering. A 3-pin header is included so I can reprogram the light on-the-fly if desired. On my first build, I used wire-

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DIY HACK – Wireless LAN Signal Extender using Mesh Wire Method


Here’s a little simple hack for making a mesh wire wireless LAN extender. Check out the video they’ve got here.  It also includes elevator hack, which we thought was kinda cool.

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HOWTO make a 9V battery into six 1.5V AAA batteries


This is cool since i didn’t expect to find 6 1.5V AAA batteries in one 9V battery.

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