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Comcast Hacked in BitTorrent Throttling Payback!

Comcast’s DNS records were hacked…wow.

The hackers appear to have changed the Comcast DNS/WHOIS records which were pointing at a non-Comcast address. Although back to normal now, for a while the records displayed this data:

Administrative Contact: Domain Registrations, Comcast kryogenicsdefiant@gmail.com Defiant still raping 2k8 ebk 69 dick tard lane dildo room PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103 US 4206661870 fax: 6664200187

Technical Contact: Comcast Corporation kryogenicsdef

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Nut and Bolt Ring for DIYers!

Here’s a perfect nut and bolt ring for DIYers and hackers.  See that little spec of diamond of the “male” ring?

Lol, they forgot about the other important counterpart.

via ringoblog

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Hackers Use SaaS To Auction FTP Passwords, Inject Code

Here’s some hackers auctioning off FTP passwords of top 100 sites on Alexa.

The software uses an eBay-like trading interface to qualify the stolen accounts in terms of the country where the server is located and the Google page ranking of the compromised server. Cybercriminals use the information to set a price for the compromised FTP credentials so they can be resold to other cybercriminals or adjust an attack on more prominent sites. The software also allows cybercriminals to use the FTP credentials to automatically inject HTML IFrame tags into Web pages on the compromised se

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LOL We got banned from StumbleUpon baby!

Yey, we just got banned officially from StumbleUpon, it took them a long freakin’ time to do so. (at least the Digg guys were a little bit smarter)

So, what are we going to do? Nothing, we weren’t getting that much traffic from SU anyways. (at least lately, that’s why we are sellin’ off all our 300+ SU accounts, that’s right folks, we “control” the black market of SU, even SU engineers can’t figure it out because we are good hackers)

How to do this?

Basically, we make around 20-30 new accounts every week and get everyon

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HOWTO use Internet Explorer in Firefox and protect yourself from spyware!

Here’s a quick 2AM post on how to use Internet Explorer in Firefox as a tab.

First, go to your Firewall application and deny Internet Explorer for incoming and outgoing network traffic. This will protect you against malicious IE hackers.

Second, download and install this cool IE tab Firefox extension for your Firefox.

Now, simply right click and select “View page in IE Tab” for any website you need to use IE.


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Server UP and DOWN due to DoS attacks from hackers!

Wow, it’s been almost 5 days without sleeping trying to fight hackers coming to this site. But, we always welcome hackers as we will work that much harder to keep them out. Basically, we are trying to build a super server on a “budget” of $1000/month. We will be adding more memory tomorrow to see if it will stop the hackers.

In the meanwhile, if this ever goes down again, please feel free to call me at 415-871-8295 and I will get it up. (Or SMS Max: “Your server is down!”)

Special Thanks to guys working in technical support team at Cari.Net.

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WordPress Anti-SPAM Plugin – Math Comments Plugin

After receiving DoS (Denial of Service) attacks from hackers and whatnot, we’ve decided to permanently place the Math Comments Plugin. Basically, robots won’t be able to waste any of our server’s precious time and bandwidth. I’ve seen almost zero SPAM comments on our other blogs such as Bedzine Mattress Store and Keetsa Mattress Store after this plugin was installed along with

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DIY Linux DoS HACK – HOWTO Limit your the max number of TCP connections to your Web Server!

I have been reading the following book called, Linux Server Hacks, which shows you many ways you can hack your Linux server so your server doesn’t die.

This actually works since we just had a DoS attack about 5 minutes ago. (It seems like we are getting more and more DoS attacks these days. You can refer to the

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Cigarette Machine uses Face-Recognition Software to detect adults!

Wow…. that’s kinda cool if it works without hackers like me hacking it…

The vending machine has an “adult recognition” button, and when this is pressed a tiny camera takes a photo of the customer and analyzes certain features such as wrinkles and sagging around the eyes and mouth as well as the frame of the potential buyer’s body to determine a general age.

In a test with 500 people ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, this

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DIY Server HACK – HOWTO fight/stop DoS(Denial of Service) Attacks using open source code (D)DoS-Deflate!

Here’s HOW TO fight/stop DoS(Denial of Service) Attacks using open source code (D)DoS-Deflate!

Recently, Zedomax.com has been receiving DoS(DenialOfService) attacks from various different sources.

We first thought it was too much traffic but it turns out it was some type of DoS attack. How did we find that out?

Well, after we installed a free open-source (D)DoS-Deflate, a

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