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SheevaPlug Tiny Linux Box!

Here’s an awesome tiny linux box called SheevaPlug, basically super-tiny Linux box running on ARM processor and minimal hardware.  The linux box can connect easily to your network and USB devices while only using 5 watts of power.

This will be a great tool for linux tinkerers and hackers, who should be able to make most of this device.

I can already think of dozen ideas on how to apply this for security systems, alarm systems, etc…etc…

The platform is built using Marvell’s Kirkwood series system-on-chip (SoC) desi

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Linux Boot Hack – How to Password Protect GRUB!

If you are a linux user like me, you know the value of being able to password-protect your GRUB entries so even if your whole PC gets stolen, no one should be able to access your valuable, classified data. (or porn?)

When talking of security in computer systems one often needs to analyse the situation one is in and choose the appropriate options. If you have hackers getting physical access to your computer system the GRUB security measures won’t last a second (pretty much nothing would do). Your best bet in such a situation is to keep the hard dr

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Weird Stuff You can Appreciate!

Here’s a bunch of weird stuff I posted on our weird blog last week, definitely worth a look:

This is how to NOT hold your digital camera for old people.  Take a look at some of these hackers, they are AWESOME!!!

Yes, Triceracoptor is a great idea for military.  The ultimate

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Wii Hack – How to Make Wii Remote work in Ubuntu!

Here’s a cool Wii hack that some of you Ubuntu hackers might want to do, how to make Wiimote work in Ubuntu.  As a Ubuntu user myself, this could come handy if you are thinking of making your own Ubuntu/Wiimote multi-touch device.

Open up a terminal (Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal) and enter the following command

sudo aptitude install wminput wmgui lswm

Next, we need to find the bluetooth device address of your Wii remote, this will allow you to connect to y

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MP3 Hack – How to Make a Motion Controlled MP3 Player!


MP3 players have been becoming more and more easier for hackers and makers to hack.  Here’s a cool MP3 hack that shows you how to make a motion controlled MP3 player.  You can also learn about how to make MP3 decoder here.

I chose a PC speaker MS-77 manufactured by Elecom for this project. It is separated in left and right channels and the amplifi

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Citizen Hack – How to Hack Voting Machines!

Well, we live in a society where voting “machines” are used to count votes and that means it’s not reliable at all, especially if some hackers can figure out how to hack them in just 122 lines of code.

Yes, I still believe Bush had some hackers rig the Florida voting machines.  I still can’t believe Bush became the President 8 years ago, when he was CLEARLY not “voted” President, he simply declared himself one. (Perhaps that&

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Zedomax.com Updated with a New Dual Quad-Core Xeon Harpertown Server from Cari.Net!

Things have been a little crazy as I have been running around town helping small business owners get ahead using my guerilla blog marketing techniques.  (I also wrote an E-book for intermediate bloggers over at my Adsense Optimization blog.)

Anyways, I spent couple hours today upgrading my server from a Dual-Core Woodcrest Xeon processor to a Dual Quad-Core Harpertown Xeon processor.  Of course, I use and recommened Cari.Net for any kin

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DIY – How to Make Inexpensive Solar Cell Panels!

Well, it took me all day to get all my sites running today, there’s was a massive DoS attack by some hackers I had to take care of.

With that cleared away, here’s how to make some inexpensive solar cell panels.

Mike Davis is an astronomer. To practice his hobby away from the light-pollution of cities, he bought some land in a remote part of Arizona. But there was a problem: No electricity…. But he’s a resourceful fellow. He built some home-made solar panels using inexpensive blemish

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Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos!

As you know, WonderHowTo.com is a great DIY video site and here’s Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos from the How To, Hack, DIY, Mods Video Site:

1) How to Make a Metal

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Gmail HACK – How to Protect yourself from Gmail Session Hackers!

Here’s an interesting video that shows hackers sniffing the Wifi to retrieve Gmail cookie. Of course, this is when you are using Gmail without HTTPS secure access.

For secure Gmail, simply use https://gmail.com instead of http://gmail.com.


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