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DIY HACK – Modded handcrank flashlight powers phone!


Check out the simple handcrank powering a cellphone!



Zedomax DIY 127 – Make an Ethernet controlled Color Organ!


For this weekend, we will show you how to make an ethernet controlled color organ that can be applied for some kind of stage lighting.

We will be using the party light we made and simply plugin the

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DIY HACK Video – Xbox 360 Tilt Controller



Here’s a cool hack for your XBOX 360 if you want to make it like a Wii controller or a SixAxisController.

The accelerometer works by outputting varying voltages for varying accelerations. I will use a 3-axis accelerometer so it will output 3 varying voltages. I will use an analog-to-digital converter to get the signals into a micro controller. The micro controller will do the processing that determines how the controlle

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Video – How To Solve Solitare Every Time


I’ve seen a lot of security guards using the internet to play games while they are bored. Well, here’s a video to hack your solitare game and win every time!

All the recent howto videos here inspired me to make my own. Here’s a walkthrough to Solitare, the little game that’s included in Microsoft Windows.

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DIY HACK – Make your own Super Bike Light!

Here are some super bike lights you can build using some parts from Home Depot!

I’ve been using this headlight for 4 years now and I’m still using the original bulbs. The low beam has power enough for speeds up to 40 miles per hour and on-coming traffic ALWAYS dims their brights when I flash the 50-watt high beam.

This one is made of 120 super-bright red LEDs, and two 1W Luxeon LEDs &

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DIY HACK – Mac on a USB

Someone hacked a 2GB USB Drive MAC system! cool…

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DIY HACK – PIC based Serial Controlled RGB LED PWM Driver

[gv data=”aCKJI8XaRrc”][/gv]

Cool little LED control using PWM of PIC.

If you want to play around with some LEDs, why not hook them up to some brains (a PIC

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DIY Hack a wifi card as Microstumbler

Here’s a hack on how to add an autonomous network scanning capabilities to a wireless card.

via hackaday

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