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Apple II Plus Computer Hacked as a USB Keyboard!

Maybe you have a bunch of old Apple computers lying around your house?  Why not hack your Apple II Plus computer as a USB keyboard?

Connecting an Apple II keyboard to a computer with USB is surprisingly easy with a Teensy board. Arduino (Teensyduino) code is available at https://github.com/afiler/keyduino . The Apple II uses an ASCII keyboard, which means that rather than returning scan codes, it returns a 7-bit ASCII value. This also means you can’t read the state of modifier keys like shift or control independently.

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KSSN (Korean Social Security Number)! HACKED!

What is KSSN?  It’s Korean Social Security Number for every Korean citizen.  Why is this important?  Because practically 100% of Korean websites require you to put in your KSSN as part of any website registration process.

I know, compared to the U.S., this can be rather frustrating because you are practically risking exposure of your private matters everytime you sign up for a new website.

Well, I guess recently there has been a lot of talk in Korea (that I noticed) that these uni

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DIY Sony UX490 UMPC Hacked with HSPA Modem and Dual(QUAD) Boot Windows and Mac!

Check out this little Sony UX490 UMPC that has been hacked with a voice-capable HSPA modem and quad boot options for Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Ultimate and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7.

I don’t know why you would need all those different operating systems for such a little device but still, it’s a quite an achievement.  I want one.

Only thing missing, what happened to my ol’ linux?

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Windows 7 Hack – Windows 7 Activation Hacked!

This is sorta old news already but I guess Windows 7 activation was hacked within days of Windows 7 official release:

According to Windows enthusiast site Neowin, one of the first to report the crack, a Lenovo disk image of Windows 7 leaked to a Chinese Web site, then moved to English-language domains. Pirates proceeded to retrieve the master OEM key and the OEM activation certificate from the .iso file. Microsoft lets major computer makers like Lenovo,

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HTC Dream Hacked to Run DROID Android 2.0!



It should come to no surprise that the HTC Dream can run Android 2.0 since its running a predecessor already but here it is, someone hacked it so it runs the same 2.0 version like the new Motorola DROID.

Rather than hacking it, I would say to wa

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Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos!

As you know, WonderHowTo.com is a great DIY video site and here’s Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos from the How To, Hack, DIY, Mods Video Site:


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Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2008 Election Results Early

Lol… Diebold has a bug in their system… go figure… they need to get another company to make

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Wii HACK – Wii on iPod!


Check out this Wii hack, someone got a Nintendo Wii to play on iPod!

Just playing some Wii… on my 60GB iPod. Basically in a nutshell I just rewired my dock with the lightbar from the Wii. Then running linux and a app that I installed on the iPod, enabled it for live video stream via the 30pin dock connector (ie. instead of video out I can have video in) Then with a few splicing of the composite video connectors and some electrical tape to convert it to the S-Video jack on the back of the dock. The audio was passed through to a

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Craigslist Hack – Browse images

Craigslist is very good for searching stuff except most of the time it’s in text but here’s a site that lets you browse craiglist with images only.

via hackszine

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DIY – Famicom NES Guitar

The NES or the Nintendo, is called Famicom in Asia. Here’s a cool Famicom Guitar mod.

はい、「ファミ○ン」型のギターです(^_^;) ほんとにギターになるのか、 妹から初期型のゲーム機を借りて モデリングし直してみました。 実寸でモデリングして、 ネックに合わせて拡大していくわけです。

結果本物よりも、少し薄めにリデザインしてます。 ネックポ

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