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Rust DIY – How to Remove Rust by Making an Electrolytic Rust Removal System!

As an immigrant who couldn’t speak English when I first came to America at the age of 9, I would keep myself busy by building things like Thermite, which is basically mixture of rust and aluminum.  Thermite is a great detonator for various bombs like TNT and whatnot, also used as emergency flashing guns.

Anyways, enough about me making thermite as a 9 year old, that was just plain, great chemistry fun, glad I didn’t lose an arm or leg during the process.  This can be great for removing rust

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Cool Toy – LED Bubble Gun!

Bubble guns have been popular around the world but now there’s even a better bubble gun that implements LEDs for super-lightning effects at night, the LED Bubble Gun!

LEDs were first invented by the Russians in the 1920s, now they are used to enhance products like

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The folding gun that fits in your pocket

I just saw this video linked to in the Reddit videos subreddit, and I thought it was too ridiculous not to share.

Why you would need a machine gun while walking the dog is beyond me. But the fact that it can fold up into your pocket is eitehr awesome or the freakiest thing ever… not sure which one yet.

Check it out.

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Finger Hack – A Young Man Implants RFID to use as wireless key for his Guns!


We all know that one day the U.S. government will try to implant RFID chips in every U.S. citizen with social security, passport numbers, and all types of personal information.  While that’s still being worked on by evil NSA agents, you can take a look at this video of a young man who implanted an RFID chip into his fingers so he can use it as a wireless key for his gun safebox.

A great idea, I have many friends who still have BBs in their hands, left inside from accidently shooting themselves in the finger.  Compare to that,

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How to NOT fire a Gun!


Well, I don’t believe in guns and here’s how to NOT fire a gun.

via gizmodo

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iPod Disguise!

Lol… check out how you can make your iPod look like an old school Sony Walkman. Clever but I will stick with my iPod w/o any disguise and stick to my guns.

via HighT3ch

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Bulletproof Backpack

If you live in the hood, you might need this just in case someone tries to shoot you in the back. This is the reality of some of the metropolitan cities in America so this IS a good invention. That’d be cool if there was one for your chest too…

With the bunch of crazy folks running around these days wielding guns, I wouldn’t mind having one of these BackpackShields covering my back. Constructed from 13 layers of K-29 Kevlar, this thin, lightweight plate will be able to fit in most backpacks and is effective in stopping bullets rangin

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