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Dallas Cowboys Win the World’s Largest HD Video Screen!

In my recent trip to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas couple months ago, I became of Texans and people there.  One of my best friends is a true southerner from Texas, he “loves” the Cowboys, will die to just watch them on TV.  Anyways, I’ve been to Texas often but I found that people there are very nice, indeed more nicer than people here in San Francisco where everyone too busy trying to cut each other off.

Anyways, Dallas Cowboys will be setting a world record with their new HD video screen which has total viewing area of 11,393 square-feet, equal to 3,268 TVs!

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World’s Strongest Man Made Tornado Rules!

Watch the vid and see the world’s strongest man made tornade in action!

This must be great way for scientists to discover ways to stop tornados too.

You may have seen this man-made wonder

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