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Whiskey Barrel BBQ Grill!

We’ve seen how to make a barrel BBQ grill before. If you’ve enjoyed that then you are going to absolutely love this whiskey barrel BBQ grill you can actually buy for $949.95.  With a metal interior that will protect the barrel BBQ grill from burning and you might just enjoy the added whiskey flavor on all of your meats and whatnot.

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BBQ DIY – How to Make your Own Barrel Barbeque!

I am an avid cook who loves barbeques.  I’ve tried every type of Barbeque grills in the past including medieval, portable, gas, you name it.

Anyways, here’s an awesome barrel barbeque you can make from an old barrel!

Lucky for me on my last day of work at The Bakery,

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My Friend’s Super Bowl Medieval DIY BBQ Grill!

(My friend’s handmade BBQ Grill)

(Look at the handle that controls the height of the grill)

Well, my friends and I were partying it up for Super Bowl weekend and we used his medieval bbq grill that was custom-made by his dad’s friend.

As you can see, the BBQ grill can move up and down.  They should make this cool BBQ grill into production.

Here’s a

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Briefcase BBQ Grill!

OOooh, I need somethin’ like this that’s compact and easy to setup.

There’s also Toolbox grill if you are more of a hardware guy.


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DIY HACK – The Orb – mini ITX hack project


Check out this cool orb that has a mini ITX that serves as a HTPC, Fileserver, and HTTP Server! Cool space looking design, maybe a grill was used here… You can make your next media PC like this and put it next to your TV and let your friends admire it.

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Cool Stuff from Hackaday

Hackaday found some cool stuff after their sushi thanksgiving party, well I gotta give that a try next year. You can always refer to Make’s HOWTO on sushi for sushi lovers.

Talking about sushi, if you live in San Francisco, you gotta check out Oyaji’s Restaurant.  It’s run by a Japanese chef, Hideki, who’s from Japan.  He’s got some awesome fr

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